North Idaho Flood Damage

Fire Restoration

  1. SAFETY.  The first you want following a fire is for professional help to arrive.  We are available 24/7 for this purpose.  It is imperative that a professional assess your damage and that the structure is made safe.  Often times, there is structural damage that may jeopardize the integrity of the structure which may not be readily visible to the common eye.  Whether it is partially damaged, or it is completely inhabitable, we must make sure it is safe for you, our technicians, and any other party whom may require access.  The fire may also have left your home vulnerable; we will secure your home as soon as the fire is extinguished, and make initial preparations for the restoration.  We may also pack out any household items to prevent damage or further damage.
  2. DOCUMENTATION.  The damage may not be immediately visible, or may become increasingly evident as the process progresses.  Therefore, it is important for us to document the condition of the structure and its contents immediately, and continually throughout the mitigation process.  We provide this documentation for your protection and ours, and to ensure the proper scope of work is determined and completed.
  3. DRYING.  If you've had a fire, then it was put out with water.  Thousands of gallons of water can be hosed into your home within minutes.  Fire hoses dispatch 300 to as much as 1,800 gallons of water per minute.  This is enough to fill a backyard swimming pool in 3 - 15 minutes.  Once we've ensured your structure is safe and secure, we want to remove any items or parts of the structure that cannot be saved, and dry out what we can.
  4. CLEANING. While the structure is being dried, we will begin to clean it. Early deodorization is essential in the beginning to contain the damaging odors and enhance the cleaning throughout the process. We will test the different surfaces in your home to determine the level of damage and the methods of cleaning required. Cleaning will consist of manual and machine cleaning combined with deodorizers. Among some of the equipment we may utilize are Ozonators, Hydroxyl Generators, Compression Sprayers, Ultra Low Volume Foggers, and Thermal Foggers.
  5. REBUILD.  When your structure is dried, and cleaned, it is ready to be restored to its pre-fire condition.  Insight Restoration has the experience, knowledge, contacts, and resources to affect the quality restoration of your structure.  Among our ranks, we have a combined experience in reconstruction of over 100 years.  We rely on this experience, and you may too, to provide the service you require to return your structure back to you.

If you experience a fire, your first concern is the safety of your family.  We understand this concept and are here to worry about your structure to alleviate that concern to give you more time and energy to focus on what is really important.  We will secure your home, mitigate the risk of further damage, and return your home to its pre-loss condition.  Our experienced, trained, and certified technicians will work with you, and your insurance company to quickly resolve your loss, and to get you back your home.  We follow the professional guidelines set forth in the IICRC S500.  Under these guidelines, there are 5 basic principles to restoring your home.