1. IDENTIFICATION.  The most important part of mitigating your mold or asbestos is identifying the substance.  Insight technicians are trained in identification and use third party verification for all foreign substances.
  2. CONTAINMENT.  Whether your structure is contaminated with mold, asbestos, or any other substance, it is important to limit your structure's exposure to the area that is contaminated.  Insight Restoration utilizes containment barriers and practices to prevent the spread of mold, or the contamination of the neighboring air with asbestos.  We use HEPA vacuums, negative air filtration fans, and proper seals over penetrations and openings in the work area.
  3. TREATMENT.  For both mold and asbestos, we use HEPA vacuums to remove any spores or particulates that may easily become airborne.  For asbestos, we use an initial wet wipe to further inhibit the particulates from becoming airborne.  Asbestos and some mold must then be removed.  However, some mold contaminated products, such as structural wood can be treated with an antimicrobial agent.
  4. ENCAPSULATE AND REMOVE.  Products that are treated with an antimicrobial agent must also be encapsulated.  In order to prevent asbestos from contaminating the air upon removal, it is also first encapsulated and removed in a multistep process.
  5. RESTORE THE STRUCTURE.  When all the contaminates are removed, remodeling can resume in the affected area, or the area restored to its original condition.

Mold and mildew can be a detriment to your home and your health.  If not caught quickly enough, it can spread drastically in hidden places including the wall cavity, ceiling, and carpet pad.  Mold can be caused by a small leak over a long period of time, or a short leak, which was not properly mitigated.  Asbestos is a part of building materials commonly used in the mid 20th century, and may be found during remodeling projects; its fine particles can be extremely harmful if airborne.  If you suspect you have either mold, or asbestos, or if you are not sure, do not take the risk.  Contact Insight Restoration immediately to assess your structure; we have the training, experience, tools, and procedures to mitigate your risk.

North Idaho Mold & Asbestos Control