North Idaho Storm Damage

  1. WIND.  Powerful winds can be a force to reckon with.  It is not uncommon to see winds in excess of 60 MPH in North Idaho; winds at these speeds can cause down power limes, fallen debris, roof/window/door damage, and even fallen trees on your structure.  If you've been impacted by high winds, call us.  We can clean up your debris and temporarily secure your home until your insurance company approves the repair.
  2. WATER.  If you have been impacted by storm damage, likely it is during periods of precipetation.  Water can intrude through jeopardized roofs and compromised openings in your home such as door/window flashing and seals, roof vents, chimneys, etc.  If your home has been damaged by high winds during periods of precipetation, contact us immediately.  It is imperative to secure your home from the elements immediately, and to extract the intruding water.
  3. SNOW.  Large amounts of snow over a short period of time, or a period of thaw and freeze with significant snow loads can jeopardize the integrity of your structure.  In the event that you notice a loss of integrity in your home, contact us and your insurance agent immediately - DO NOT ENTER THE STRUCTURE.  We will respond 24/7 to provide you a free analysis of your homes integrity.
  4. ICE.  An accumulation of ice can occur over time in North Idaho with the frequent freeze thaw cycles we experience and/or from freeing rain.  Accumulated ice can become very heavy which may lead to partial collapse of roofs, fallen branches that may damage your home, and ice dams that can allow water to get beneath your roof and into your structure.  We can stop the damage from getting worse and remove any additional at risk ice.
  5. MOLD.  If you've experienced storm damage during periods of precipitation, your structure is at risk for mold.  Our technicians are trained and certified in identifying and abating mold.  Do not allow the intrusion of this nasty substance into your home.
  6. DEMOLITION & REPAIR. Once approved, Insight Restoration can remove the unsalvageable part of your structure and repair your home to its pre-storm condition.

North Idaho is a beautiful place to live.  One of the sacrifices we make to have that beauty is coping with the elements Mother Nature brings with it.  When Mother Nature does interfere with your lives, and damages your property, Insight Restoration is your local expert.  Remember, you have an obligation from your insurance to mitigate your damages immediately.  With the tools and training from water, fire, and mold restoration, combined with our general construction knowledge, we can mitigate those damages, and put you back together.