North Idaho Flood Damage

  1. SAFETY.  It is most important that we ensure the structure is safe.  Either for you, us, or both.  We will do a thorough inspection to ensure this, and remove/address any hazards we may find.  It may be necessary for the structure to be vacated for a period while it is made safe.
  2. DOCUMENTATION.  It is essential to inspect and clearly document all details and conditions of the damage and contributing events.  This will not only help us determine the scope of work, but also provide necessary information for your insurance company should you file a claim.  Most often, we are on the scene before the adjuster.  The documentation will be ongoing as well, which will help us evaluate our ongoing progress and ensure the structure is dried as efficiently as possible.
  3. STOP THE DAMAGE.  Once the scope of work has been determined, we can begin to control the damage, and stop it from continuing.  We will first control any contaminants that may be present, and second the spread of moisture to additional areas of the structure.
  4. DRY THE STRUCTURE.  Now that we have stopped the source, ensured the safety, continue to document, and have mitigated the opportunity for further damage, we want to dry your structure.  This may take several days, or even longer depending on the classification of saturation.  Their are four classifications of saturation with 1 being the easiest water to remove, and 4 being the hardest.  A Class 4 saturation is borne of water damage occurring over a prolonged period of time  When drying your structure and/or its components, we consider the cost of doing so versus the cost to remove and replace the component and the level to which that component has been contaminated.
  5. RESTORE THE STRUCTURE.  Once your structure is dried out, it needs to be restored to it's pre-loss condition.  Relying on over 100 years of combined experience, Insight Restoration will be your contractor. You cannot be considered completely restored until all affected parts of the structure have been dried, cleaned, and of equal or better appearance than before.

When you experience water damage in your home or structure, it can feel like a devastating event.  However, Insight Restoration has the trained and certified experts to help.  Our staff has a combined experience of more than 25 years, and we share that experience with you to restore your home or structure, and to give back to you the piece of mind you deserve.  In accordance with the IICRC standards, Insight Restoration will follow the following process in restoring your water damaged structure to it's pre-loss condition.