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Water extraction is necessary for flooded basements

Is Your Basement a Flood Risk?

Basements are the most common level of a house to flood. Because they’re lower and often mostly underground, water leaks into them from both the outside and the inside. Heavy rains, long rains, and burst or leaky pipes can all cause your basement to flood. And each time it floods, you need water extraction services to help clean it out and make the space usable again. Certain basements are at a higher risk of flooding than others. Here’s how to tell if your basement is a flood risk.

Home Location

Where your home was built, and more specifically the soil it was built on, is a major contributor to the flood risk of your basement. Houses built on or near floodplains are more likely to experience floods due to the high levels of water in the area. Certain soils can absorb water when it rains or snows. These soils then release the water back into your home, rising up through the floors rather than flowing down through doors, windows, or foundation cracks. If your home was built in these areas, it has a higher risk of flooding without proper prevention.

Foundation Strength

The foundation of most homes is designed to protect against many natural hazards, including heavy rainfall and storms. However, if there’s damage to your house’s foundation, rain can easily find its way in. If your doors and windows don’t have a proper seal, rain can seep in and leave floods on every level of your home. Even a small crack in your structural foundation can turn into a flood as rainwater continues to pour in. Getting your home regularly inspected for any cracks or damages is a great way to determine if your basement is at risk of flooding.

Pipe Integrity

The pipes of your home serve an important purpose. Without them, water can’t be delivered around to where you need it. But if your pipes become loose or burst, then that water has to go somewhere. And where it most often goes is your basement. Older pipes are at a greater risk of breaking, so getting them replaced is a good way to reduce your risk of basement flooding. But even newer pipes could pose a threat if they aren’t properly maintained, especially in areas with dramatic temperature shifts.

Water Extraction Services in Northern Idaho

If your basement floods, you want high-quality water extraction services to help your home get restored. At Insight Restoration, our technicians are available 24/7 to respond to any emergency flood situation. Not only will we extract the water from your basement, but we’ll also identify the source of the flood. We offer all varieties of waterproofing services to help you and your home avoid further flood damage. If you want to access your basement’s flood risk or need help cleaning up a flood, give us a call anytime, any day, at (208) 427-2534.

A mold remediation company can help your home get healthy again

How Long Can You Let Mold Sit in Your Home?

Your home should be a safe and happy place for you and your family. However, mold can upset that safety and cause severe health concerns. Mold is a highly toxic substance that can cause allergic reactions, infections, and permanent respiratory issues if not addressed quickly. A professional mold remediation company can remove the mold from your home and restore any damage it has caused. With mold, timing is of the essence. Getting it removed from your house as soon as possible is crucial to maintaining a healthy home.

The Dangers of Mold

Mold poses several threats to you and your home. Not only can mold damage your house’s support and weaken its structure, but it can also create lasting health issues for you and your family. Constant exposure to mold can lead to:

  • Dry, itchy eyes
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Skin infection
  • Life-long allergies

Normally healthy adults can experience these symptoms within a few hours of breathing in mold spores. Children are particularly susceptible to the effects of mold. Mold can wreak havoc on a child’s immune system, leading to life-long allergies and permanent respiratory concerns.

Signs of Mold

Unfortunately, mold can be tricky to spot. It thrives in dark and damp places. Mold usually grows in hard-to-reach and hard-to-see places, so you may not be aware of it right away. The most common sign of mold growth is water damage. Because mold needs moisture to grow, if your home suffered water damage recently, there’s a good chance mold will be growing as well. You should have your home inspected for mold whenever you discover water damage.

Mold Remediation Process

It’s important to have the mold removed from your home as soon as you discover it’s there. An inspector will search the area to both identify the mold and determine the source of it. Mold is often a sign of a bigger household problem, and your mold remediation company will be able to locate that problem and fix it as well. In order to remove the mold properly, the company may need to drill holes in your wall or remove parts of your carpet and flooring. However, all work done to remove the mold will be fully repaired before the job is done. Only a professional mold removal company can ensure that the mold is removed safely and effectively.

Insight Restoration is devoted to helping families maintain clean and healthy homes. As a full-service mold remediation company, we can safely remove mold from your home and restore any damage it has caused to your house. If you find mold, it’s important to get it removed as soon as possible to avoid further damage or health risks. Give us a call at (208) 427-3042 to have our trained and certified mold removal technicians bring health back to your home.

Mold mitigation helps prevent mold damage in your home

The Dangers of Mold

Mold is a toxic and dangerous substance that can grow in any home. Professional mold mitigation is needed to help keep you and your family safe. Without proper removal, mold can cause severe health concerns. It’s never a good idea to try to remove mold on your own, as even just touching it can cause infections. Mold comes in a variety of species, but each needs to be handled with care. It’s important to remove mold as soon as you notice it to avoid the many dangers it can cause.

Health Problems

The most threatening aspect of mold is its toxicity. Mold spores are microscopic and can filter through your home in vents. Mold growing in your basement can easily travel up and affect you in your bedroom. If you breathe in mold long enough, it can have severe, permanent effects on your health. Even normally healthy adults can suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dry, itchy eyes
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Ear infections
  • Rash

Children are particularly susceptible to the effects of mold. If exposed to it for extended periods of time, children are more likely to develop lifelong allergies and respiratory issues.

House Damage

Mold can damage your home as much as your health. Because mold thrives in a moist environment, you’re likely to find water damage where you find mold. Even if the water is cleaned up, the mold can continue to develop. Mold eats away at the foundation of your home, leading to serious structural integrity issues. It can also attract rodents, insects, and other pests. These unwanted visitors can create even more damage to your home, leaving waste behind and making homes in your walls and vents.

Professional Mold Mitigation

Because mold is so toxic, it’s important to let the professionals handle it. Certified technicians have access to industry-standard safety equipment that helps them avoid the hazards of mold. Upsetting mold causes the spores to activate, further increasing the hazard mold poses. If you try to remove mold on your own, you’re putting your health at risk. A professional mold specialist will not only be able to ensure safety, but they can also ensure that the mold is fully removed and the source is removed, preventing further mold growth.

If you discover mold in your home, call a professional mold mitigation company to safely handle it for you. Insight Restoration has a team of trained and certified mold technicians standing by, ready to jump into the fray and remove the mold from your home. Not only will we restore the damage caused by the mold, but we’ll also locate the source of the mold and fix the problem so mold can’t grow anymore. Give us a call today at (208) 427-3042 to have a mold technician on-site as soon as possible.

Flood cleanup can be a hassle no matter the scale

How Much Rain Can Cause Your Home to Flood?

When your home floods, there’s a lot you need to do. You have to extract the water, repair the damages, check for mold, and figure out where the source of the flood is. Floods can be caused by leaky or burst pipes, sewage backups, and even a faucet that was left running. But one of the most common causes of a flood is rain. Whether it’s storming or just sprinkling, rainwater can easily find its way into your home and cause a whole slew of damages. Flood cleanup can be a lengthy and costly project, and knowing if you’re at risk for a flood is key to protecting your home.

Slight Rain

Although you may not initially consider it, even a small amount of rain can cause a flood if it continues long enough. A small leak of water in your home can eventually lead to a large pool of water if you aren’t aware of the problem. It may not be a rushing flood like you think of, but walking down to your basement after a solid day or rain to find even a few inches of water on the ground can be just as frustrating.

When your home has a structural crack or a window or door that doesn’t seal properly, rain can seep into your home. As the rains continue, the water level in your home can rise until it becomes a serious concern. Alternately, if your drain pipes aren’t cleared, or there’s a problem with your roof that prevents the water from falling off it, the buildup of rainwater and debris can cause the roof to collapse, sending a torrent of water into your home.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds and other storm features are going to cause the more common flood. Storm conditions can break windows, doors, and roofs, letting the heavy fall of rain into your home. Storms can also cause a dramatic buildup of water outside, which then forces its way into your home, causing more damage to your foundation. Flash floods are particularly difficult to protect against, as the amount of rainwater built up in a short time can easily wipe out safety measures. It’s important to have your property checked regularly for any weak points, especially if you know a storm is coming. You should be sure to fix any problem, no matter how small it may seem.

Flood Cleanup

When rain invades your home, there’s a lot that needs to be done to fix it up. Insight Restoration provides 24/7 emergency flood response to help you get your home back to normal as soon as possible. Our flood cleanup technicians will arrive on-site quickly to begin the job. Time is of the essence, and removing the floodwaters from your home as soon as we can is key to a timely repair. Give us a call any time, any day, at (208) 427-2534 if you need help with a flood in your home.

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